What Was the Pintofeed Automatic Pet Feeder?

It’s hard to recall a time when you couldn’t program your lights, close your garage, change the temperature, and turn on the radio all from your smartphone. Nowadays, it seems that technology does the majority of the heavy lifting in our homes, but it wasn’t always that way—especially when it came to taking care of our pets!

The Pintofeed Automatic Pet Feeder was known as the world’s first intelligent feeder for dogs and cats. It was the pioneer in offering remotely scheduled feedings to pet owners who couldn’t be home to put kibble on the table. The Pintofeed Automatic Pet Feeder initially geared up through crowdfunding in 2012 and then hit the market in June 2013.

Simplifying Petcare

The founders’ goal for the Pintofeed machine was two-fold: to curb the pet obesity trend that stemmed from unregulated eating, and appeal to pet owners’ increasingly busy lifestyles.

Most, if not all pet parents have battled with both these issues at one point or another. What dog or cat owner doesn’t want to bond with their pet by offering them a morsel off their plate or giving them a few extra snacks to show them how much they’re loved? And nearly all of us have been in a position where we are stuck at the office during dinnertime or want to stay in bed when our early-rising pets scratch at the door demanding breakfast.

The Pintofeed Automatic Pet Feeder offered solutions to both these pet-owning obstacles, and could even be used for short vacations, holding up to 10 pounds of food at a time.

The Pintofeed feeder promised easy setup, access across multiple users, automated feeding schedules, and charts to monitor your pet’s intake each day. It even provided notifications via SMS and social networks to reassure pet parents that their loved ones were taken care of.

When Pintofeed Became Petnet

The Pintofeed machine was a trailblazer in what quickly became a hot market for intelligent feeders and interactive pet devices. In 2014, the product was renamed the Petnet SmartFeeder and continues to be optimized as technology progresses. The latest version offers personalized meal portions based on your pet’s breed, weight, and age. There’s even an option to have food shipped to your door when you’re running low, as the SmartFeeder can track your supply.

No Substitute for Quality Time

While automatic pet feeders offer an influx of convenience for owners and reassurance that our pets are maintaining or working towards a healthy weight, they are not a replacement for human interaction. Both dogs and cats are social animals and do not bode well in isolation. What’s more, an automatic feeder is not a substitute for a pet sitter or dog walker, so be sure you’ve covered all aspects of your animal’s needs if you plan to get away for the weekend.

Leaving your furry friends at home alone for more than 24 hours can increase their risk of developing separation anxiety or increased aggression. While you may not be able to make it home in time to pour food in the bowl, make sure you’re around at other moments for quality interaction with your pet, as they need it just as much as their next meal.